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You’ve been to the big box stores looking only to save money. You’ve trusted advice from squads of self-proclaimed geeks. You’ve been to the tech bar and listened to so-called geniuses. Those companies all have one thing in common: They’re on a mission of quantity-over-quality. Slow. Unreliable. Bogged down with junk software and in-system advertisements. The false notion of needing to buy a new system every few years. This is where we’re different.

Unparalleled Quality

We’re not trying to serve the least common denominator in the market. We’re a no-compromise computing solution provider. Want a liquid-cooled, competition-grade eSports gaming machine? We do it every day. How about a silent workstation for your office that won’t die after a few years or easily get viruses? We have a list of local businesses that swear by us. Our systems are designed to be reliable, dependable, and upgradable for many years. And like any reputable company with a great product, we stand behind it all.

Not Just Any Computer

We custom design and build each computer from scratch. There’s no ready-to-go gaming desktops built months or even years ago on our shelves. You’re getting guaranteed brand new, state-of-the-art, hand-picked technology that will come into existence just for you in as little as 48 hours. It’s our belief that each time you power on your PC, it should make you feel good… not just because some mega-corporation with a multimillion dollar advertisement campaign peddling a lifestyle said it would, but because it’s a genuinely great computing experience each and every time.

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