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Quick turn around, great service!
— David Ogrodny
Fantastic work fixing up & upgrading my old PC. I also appreciated the flat rate charge rather than a by-the-hour labor rate that would have been twice as expensive.
— T. Darn
Great service all around. Tech saved my computer after it had no hope. Spilled sprite into the keyboard and left it for four months and he was still able to get it working to mint condition. Kept me updated everyday about what was going on so I never was out of the loop.
— Evan Richards
I had an emergency situation with my work computer and found this highly rated business on Google and decided to take a chance and I’m so glad I did!!! They were extremely professional, reasonable and above all prompt with same day service - they saved the day at the office! Thank you so much to y’all for your patience. We will definitely be using your services again and sending referrals your way.
— Darla Johnson
Great service, great people, great place. My external hard drive crashed so I took it to them desperately needing help. They extracted everything from the hard drive within 24 hours and it cost me $50 rather than the $600 it was going to cost to get it shipped off. Definitely recommend!
— Lauren Roddam
Short summary: these people are helpful, kind, and quite knowledgeable. Highly recommended for tech diagnosis and repairs.

I was recommended to EA from someone at my university nearby. I didn’t know much about the area because I had just moved in, but it wasn’t hard to find their convenient storefront location. I walked in and asked the man on duty (Ty was his name, I believe) if he could help me figure out why my home-built PC wasn’t booting up. Without any hesitation he said “absolutely” and held the door for me as I brought the machine in.

Once we had it all opened up, he carefully and meticulously inspected just about every aspect of the machine. Within about 5 minutes he had spotted the errors in my wiring and helped me correct the problems, all while explaining why such things were so. Sure enough, once the problems were fixed it booted right up and everything worked beautifully. Although it isn’t as quantitatively helpful, he also had a nice sense of humor that eased the stress of a potentially busted machine.

It’s worth noting that EA was not the first professional who I brought the computer to. **Multiple** other repair shops simply declared my parts faulty and said I should get them replaced. EA took the time to ensure I had the best experience, and that’s awesome.

I highly recommend their business. Their service is impeccable, their prices are *very* reasonable, and they do good work.

Thank you!
— Julian S.
Amazing service! Explained to me what was wrong and had my computer back to me quickly and working better than ever!
— Bryan Regan
First off, hands down the best customer service I’ve come across for PC repair. Not only was the service outstanding, the price for parts and labor were a steal.

When I brought my PC in for an upgrade inspection, instead of telling me I needed the latest and greatest and that I needed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a BA gaming system... he took his time and searched the “best possible parts” at the “best possible price”.
— Michael Reedy
I would send anyone here before I send them to any other computer store, main reason they aren’t going to BS out of money. If your computer doesn’t need it, they aren’t going to push random junk on you. You tell them the problem, they find the issue and make sure you are satisfied with the results.
— Brandon Palmer
A great business. Ty could have charged me a lot more - I had no idea what was wrong, but instead he was HONEST and gave me a flat fee. He even explained how to correct the BIOS issue if it comes up again. Him and the lady he works with are awesome, friendly people. You know how when you find a car mechanic who doesn’t bend you over, who does quality work? You know that feeling, like you discovered a ruby on the beach? That’s Gulf Coast IT Solutions to me. Will never take my computer anywhere else.
— Dunan Idarison
A few years ago I destroyed my PC trying to fix it, so I took it to these guys. They were able to salvage my repair attempts and fix my computer, and for an extremely reasonable price. After that, I had Ty build me a custom rig. He sat me down and went step by step over the entire process. He showed me the parts he was buying and compared them to alternatives that I could opt for. Everything was incredibly transparent.Once he was done I had one heck of a machine. I only go here now for computer related business. I refer ALL my friends and colleagues to Gulf Coast IT Solutions, and they have taken my testimony seriously because they go there when they have any issues. The store’s work is fantastic, the prices fair, and every-time I get there I end up having a long, friendly conversation with the owner. One of the few businesses I endorse.
— Peter Daigle
I took my computer to be repaired and not only did Ty fix it, he was able to give me reasonable upgrades to make my computer faster. Will be referring business here!
— Holly Fountain
Great great service! I highly recommend it for any who needs a PC repair. I recently fried my motherboard and I wanted to add a case too. They ordered it and did the repair beautifully. The owner is a great guy and so is his assistant! the prices are also extremely fair.
— John Beck
One heck of a PC Tech, he can fix ANYTHING computer related. Come and check it out!
— David Torres
Great place to get your computer checked out. they reward customer loyalty with great service and truly want to help you get your computer working. Other computer places in mobile I have been in tend to be very rude you won’t find that here.
— Alex Rostas
This place is outstanding. Computer was destroyed and they built me a new one at a very competitive price. Hands down the best I’ve seen so far.
— Mo-Mo McCall
I went to them to replace my laptop screen and everything was done well. Ty was very nice and informative. Kim was very nice, too. I will use them again if I ever have any computer problems.
— Amy Barnett

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